Gain the practical experience that employers value

Our multi-award-winning Professional and Community Engagement (速度) program engages you in real-world learning activities with organisations across Australia and around the globe.

You'll learn from industry leaders in your chosen field, gain vital contacts and develop the employability skills you'll need to jump-start your career.


This program will enable you to:

  • 建立新的知识和技能
  • contribute to positive social change
  • demonstrate your ability to adapt to new environments
  • 探索未来的职业选择
  • 建立专业关系
  • 获得工作经验
  • get exposed to new and diverse experiences
  • learn from sector-leading professionals.


All of our bachelor degrees include at least one 速度 unit. 在本单元中, you will engage in a practical learning activity where you will explore key economic, social and ethical challenges and how contemporary organisations address them.


For recent Macquarie Bachelor of Education (Primary) graduate Kate Buchanan, the combination of real teaching experiences alongside theory throughout her course was her ticket to landing a great full-time teaching job before she’d even graduated.



范围, scale and diversity of our 速度的UC8体育官网 are unmatched in the Australian higher education sector. We have a vast network of more than 3000 host organisations within Australia and in more than 25 countries worldwide.



在一家公司实习 天空新闻 in her first year of university was Georgie Dickerson's foot in the door to what has now become her full-time job as a news producer at the TV station.



E: 速度

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