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Macquarie has a strong record of innovation with our researchers responsible for revolutionary discoveries that have changed the world


Our researchers are dedicated to finding real and practical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. We’re determined that our proud tradition of research with world-changing impact will continue well into the future.

随着我们进入下一阶段的研究和创新, the University will apply itself to being the hub of expertise in five key areas. By focusing on our future-shaping research priorities – Healthy people, Resilient societies, Prosperous economies, Secure planet and Innovative technologies – the University will retain a prominent and sustainable place within the Australian research landscape.

A number of Macquarie’s current research projects align with these five priorities and will, 在未来10年内, 在许多方面改变世界. Find out more.


我们的创业文化鼓励和启发了学生, 员工和合作者打破常规思维,  and to actively shape the complex issues that define the future of humanity. 现在你已经听说了我们未来的计划, discover just a few of the amazing breakthroughs and innovations made by our researchers so far:


50 Years Handbook

50年:世界领先的研究,改变世界的影响 features 麦格理研究人员的独特发现和创新.

下载刊物 to find out more about our groundbreaking research and to see how our research impacts society at the domestic and international levels.

  • Where wi-fi began

    如今,我们认为wi-fi是理所当然的, but 20 years ago Macquarie University was working at the forefront of wireless technologies and, 与CSIRO合作, 开发了我们今天知道的宽带wi-fi.

  • 年轻人,性,爱情和媒体

    For the past ten-years, 我们与澳大利亚国家橄榄球联盟合作, to developing ethics-based education programs to counter antisocial and violent behaviour off the field. 我们还进行了广泛的研究, 包括谷歌澳大利亚, work on the cultural and social impacts of social and online media, including...

  • Bug detectives

    Macquarie’s culture of collaboration leads to groundbreaking technological advances in testing for waterborne parasites giardia and cryptosporidium. These advances have since been rolled out on a global scale and are keeping drinking water safe for hundreds of millions of people daily.

  • Special education

    The Macquarie University Special Education Centre developed the world’s first special education model for children and their families, 向世界证明了没有孩子是不可教育的, 不管他们有多迟. The Macquarie program has been rolled out internationally with significant, long-lasting impacts.

  • 领导对抗多发性硬化症的斗争

    A team of researchers have discovered the first biomarker – a chemical identified in the blood – enabling a simple blood test to rapidly and accurately determine, 准确率在85%到95%之间, 患者患有哪种类型的多发性硬化症.

  • Economics with impact

    Researchers set out to build bridges between economic theory and art and culture. 在社会中生存和发展, artists and art organisations must acknowledge the larger economic dimensions in which they exist. The larger economic benefits of art and culture can and should be taken into account in society.

  • 对抗焦虑和抑郁

    Macquarie researchers have developed online treatments for mental health conditions that are providing cost-effective access to advice and support for people living in remote parts of Australia.

  • Flamin’ brilliant

    Macquarie developed the trailblazing technology that allowed the relay Olympic torches from the Sydney Olympic Games and the Athens Olympic Games to burn brightly from Greece to Asia, 沿着中国的长城,最终到达澳大利亚.

  • The game changers

    自1972年成立以来, 麦考瑞法学院帮助制定了反恐法, 信息自由法, consumer laws, 分类方案, 以及选举资金支出和披露. 通过法医调查法律和政策的起源, Macquarie researchers are informing law reform to better serve the Australian community.

  • 保护艺术家的版权

    The House of Aboriginality developed by Professor Vivien Johnson and her students at Macquarie, played a key role in helping the wider community to understand the rights of Aboriginal artists under Australian law. The course was the first in Australia to identify and investigate copyright infringements involving Aboriginal art.

  • Cool kids

    Anxiety disorders affect more than three million Australians – from young children to adults – every year. The Cool Kids program was developed to give kids the coping skills to better manage their anxiety.

  • 用于健康和安全的纳米光子学

    A new discovery of time-dimension nanophotonics has opened the way to untapped potential in non-invasive cancer diagnosis, rapid pathogen detection and invisible coding for identification of authentic pharmaceuticals, 护照和钞票.

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