Spanning 126 hectares with open green spaces

Uniquely positioned in the heart of Australia’s largest high-tech precinct, UC8体育 brings together more than 40,000 students and 2000 staff in one thriving hub of discovery.

Located 15 kilometres from Sydney’s CBD, our Wallumattagal校园 in Macquarie Park is the perfect place to study in one of the world’s greatest cities.



需要一些东西? 你不用走太远. 我们的 Wallumattagal校园 in Macquarie Park offers everything you need to get through the day, 包括:

  • 酒吧和餐厅
  • 咖啡馆
  • 托儿中心
  • 咨询服务
  • 医疗诊所
  • 药店
  • 私人医院.

Macquarie is accessible by a range of transport modes. 找出 怎么去这里.


UC8体育 City Campus features world-class facilities, offering students access to a friendly learning environment and networking opportunities with other like-minded peers. 我们的城市校园 is ideally located at 123 Pitt Street, right in the heart of Sydney CBD.


We have invested more than one billion dollars in our facilities and infrastructure over the last ten years to ensure our students and staff can thrive in an environment that is inspiring and switched on to the latest digital technologies.

Like a miniature city, Macquarie has a vast array of amenities on campus including 一些咖啡馆和餐馆. And, the University is within walking distance of a major shopping precinct.

我们的 体育设施 are some of the best university facilities in the country — the Sport and Aquatic Centre features swimming pools, 最先进的健身俱乐部, 壁球和篮球场, 还有一个武术区.

我们非常关注 公平、多样性和包容性. 工作人员 and students from more than 100 countries study and work here. We provide a range of services on campus to support students from culturally diverse backgrounds, 土著澳大利亚人, people who are LGBTQ+ and students with a disability.

With more than 300 leading companies located on or around the Macquarie campus, 我们的学生有能力 挖掘行业人脉 that give them an edge in their future careers. 我们的 staff also have access to outstanding research and innovation opportunities with some of the world’s leading organisations.

Already Sydney’s second-largest business district, by 2035 Macquarie Park is tipped to be the fourth largest CBD in Australia behind Sydney, 墨尔本和布里斯班.

我们的 level of infrastructure requires outstanding transport options, and Macquarie is one of the easiest universities to get to by public transport. 有很多 校园有4000个停车位, regular buses and an on-campus train station.

十年 校园总体规划 is part of our significant investment in shaping the University’s future. 了解更多关于我们的新 艺术区, 中院分区,及其他 近期完成项目.

了解更多 about the exciting projects currently underway.

麦考瑞大学 is responsible for the planning, 发展, management and maintenance of the University's infrastructure and buildings, looking after the space and facilities required for the University to achieve its learning, 教学科研目标.

我们的 full services and information for contractors and consultants can be found on our 属性页.


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